Ahad, 25 Jun 2017


Nowadays, the use of detergent powder is more than a soap for washing clothes. Cleansing powder is preferred because it is easier to use. In addition to washing cloth, washing powder is used for washing the floor, wall, kitchen and cooking utensils and dishes.

Different uses require the use of different chemicals to cope with the cleaning work to remove impurities. Certain chemical content for certain cleaning actions.

The use of detergent powder became widespread after the second world war. The use of "Petro Chemicals" published chemicals. Demand for the new type of laundry needs following the Wollen, Silk and synthetic fabrics such as Terlin, Tetron began to be introduced in society. Soap books can not wash new types of cloth efficiently.

The discovery of new chemicals has produced a detergent powder that can cleanse the dirt on synthetic fabrics with a much cleaner glow. This detergent does not only clean up new fabrics but can do better cleaning work. Demand for detergent powder around the globe has increased due to efficiency and can be used more easily.

Various brands are available in markets such as Fab, Hola, Breeze, Drive, Tiger, and others to meet consumer demand. The manufacturing process uses machinery and chemicals, with production control making the top of the detergent powder removed.

Among the detergent powder found in the bag is the washing powder for washing cloth and clothing, and for washing the cement floor and so on. Washable powder can be wrapped in plastic bottles for washing dishes and utensils. Among the brands of Powder Washers is Vim Powder.

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