Sabtu, 22 Julai 2017


The main reason someone does not succeed is "Fear of failure". The failure is also a "failure" in terms of failing to deal with negative thoughts "What people say" if we do something creative and innovative, where others never do.

Have you ever had a business idea or an invention that can solve a problem? But you did nothing because the idea has not been done yet.

You will be afraid to share the idea, let alone begin the idea. What happened? A few months later, you see the idea of ​​a business or creation that you think of it being true-but done by others! Not you! You may want to be a successful entrepreneur but have not acted yet.

The reason is no idea, why not make SABUN your product, because everyone uses soap and not just the body that needs cleanliness, but almost the floor, pot, glass, vehicle, workplace, drain should be washed .... and this is the opportunity you.

The population of world is almost 7.2 billion ... what are you waiting for, prepare yourself. Get these unobtrusive ideas.


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